About Me


Name: The King

Age: 15

Gender: U (and by “U” I mean unicorn)

Height: Go outside. Look around. See that huge human over there? That’s me.


Okee dokee, here it goes. My name is Phoebe, and I am a Canadian home slice. I love to draw, especially doodle, which is why I started this comic. The entire point of this comic is that I can draw it as weird and horrible as I want without having to erase or start over. Which is why I draw it in inking pen, no pencil drafts. The characters of this comic are mainly my own, but Shaggy May (Fetus included) were invented by my friend K-bob. The Ultimate Fowl was created by both K-bob and I. We had been planning on making a comic for some time, but I just seemed to get around to it first.

Other than drawing this bad boy, I also am in aikido and like to write. That is pretty much it, I think.

If you want to contact me, ask me a question, or send me something cool (please send me something cool. I love drawings) then you can email me at inkyorshaggy@hotmail.com.

Have a nice day!

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